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FFL Transfer Services

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Shipping Guns?  We Can Help!
Federal law mandates that guns may only be shipped to/from
a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer like Shooter's Nashville.






Let Shooter’s Nashville fast FFL service

speed this process for you!

Fax: 615.739.6108


Call us at 615.739.6133

FFL transfer fee . . . . . . . .  $25.00

Background check . . . . . .    10.00

TOTAL                                $35.00

Our easy process:

  1. Transferring FFL must call or email Shooter's their company or individual's email or fax number so we can send our FFL. 

  2. We will need your name and phone number, email address

  3. We will need order number, item number or auction number and a description.

  4. If not using FFL, SELLER MUST include a copy of their driver’s license photo with the shipment of your firearm. If this is not included there will be delays in receiving your firearm.

  5. Note to FFL License Holders: Please include a copy of the FFL with shipment of all firearms.

   6. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing. We will call you when it is           ready for pick up.


Shooters Guns & Ammo reserves the right to sell any transfer not picked up within 30 days after notifying customer the firearm is ready for pick up.

An FFL dealer is a ATF third-party working with both the Seller and Buyer who records the chain of custody.

It is your responsibility to verify the firearm is legal to own in your state. If you are uncertain please check with your local gun store as they are more familiar with the laws in your state.

About ATF  |  FFL dealer locator

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Shooter's Nashville
Fax: 615.739.6108
Questions? Please call us at 615.739.6133

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