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Shooter's Nashville proudly offers on-site training
for Tennessee Carry Permits

Sign up now, call us at 615.739.6133!
Classes are scheduled depending on number of sign-ups.

We offer a permit class every other Sunday but we MUST HAVE at least (8) people registered before we can officially confirm it. Currently, we do not have any classes scheduled. If you would like to sign up or inquire about personal training, call us 615.739.6133.

Shooter's Nashville proudly offers on-site training

for Tennessee Carry Permits - what to expect.
Enhanced Handgun carry Permit (live, 8 hours - see below)

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Trust our team to help you learn Federal and Tennessee laws around gaining your handgun carry permit and how to use it.

Handgun Carry Permit

follow these steps

Next Handgun Carry Permit Class
     Call us to sign up

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At Shooter’s Nashville (aka Shooter's Guns, Ammo and Range) we are an honest and reliable firearm shop and pistol shooting range in Nashville. In every step of the process, whether you're a seasoned firearms enthusiast or have never touched a firearm before, we're here to help.


Our NRA-certified training staff can help you learn about firearm safety and training. We offer a wide range of firearms and ammunition. Our indoor shooting range allows you to get comfortable with your firearm or just hone your skills and have fun.

STEPS : Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Process (details below):

1)   Complete an Handgun Carry Permit application with the State of Tennessee;

2)  We recommend taking a Beginner's/Refresher Class if you have little/no shooting experience;
3)  Attend a Handgun Safety Class and pass both the written test and pistol qualification;

4)  Finish application with State of Tennessee and get fingerprinted.

It will take 2-3 weeks for your HCP ID to arrive in mail.

Questions? Ask Us

Apply with


Detailed steps on how to get your carry permit and what you need to do:


Required (free)

Go to  and fill out the application
        > print your State application and bring to class

        > your application includes your confirmation number - very important!


We recommend you take a Beginner's Class if you have little/no shooing experience

        > the Handgun Safety Class assumes you already know how to use your handgun

        > ask about Shooter's Beginner's Class





Register for a class, we must receive your application # and payment at the same time prior to class date first come first serve (no refunds or rescheduling day of class); then, attend your Shooter's Handgun Safety Class and pass both the written test and pistol qualification (see below):
          a. 50-question written test
          b. 50-round live pistol qualification


Finish your application with the State by following these steps:
          a.     go to a full service DMV location; take your State application number with you

                  PLUS your passport or original/certified birth certificate (they 

                  do not recognize the Real ID yet, see bottom)
          c.     pay State application fee (see list) and have photo taken 
          e.     DMV will provide list of locations to get fingerprinted
          f.      schedule time at fingerprint location; get fingerprinted

Wait 2-3 weeks for HCP ID to arrive in mail

Safety Class


• Complete Step 1 above, THEN select a class registration below that meets your needs.

• We accept most credit cards and our checkout uses Paypal but you do NOT need a Paypal account. Just follow Paypal steps as a 'guest'.



Shooter's Handgun Safety Class

Next classes -  call us to sign up

Class size is limited, register early!

We reserve the right to reschedule as needed - thanks for understanding. this class is more about laws and gun safety; it does not teach how to shoot a handgun. If you need personal instruction, contact us.


You spend time both in the classroom and in our indoor range to understand basic pistol nomenclature, safety, ownership responsibilities, shooting fundamentals and marksmanship skills, as well as pistol parts and recommended cleaning. Additionally, you will learn applicable laws in the state of Tennessee that pertain to the use of deadly force, and when the use of deadly force is justifiable when protecting yourself and the defense of others. This course qualifies the graduating student to apply for their Tennessee handgun carry permit. State and NRA certified!


  • The handgun carry class is a full 6-8-hour day.

  • Be prepared to take notes to pass the 50-question written test.

  • You must pass the written test to qualify to take the handgun firing test.

  • You must pass the range qualification (handgun firing) test.

  • You will receive your grades on both tests before leaving.

Helpful Resources 



Class Fee: begin at $55 - rates below

Class Length: 6-8 Hours

Read our range rules

What To Expect: You will need to know how to shoot a pistol BEFORE coming to class. Come prepared to take notes; phone cameras, snacks, and drinks are permitted. No refunds or rescheduling, day of class.


575 Murfreesboro Pike

Nashville, TN  37210


  • Free parking is available but limited.

  • Class starts promptly at 8am and will end around 4pm.

  • There is time to get your gun and ammo if you are using rentals.

  • All phones must be turned off.

  • BRING your application confirmation number - important!

  • BRING your unloaded handgun and 50-rounds of ammunition if you are not using rentals.

  • BRING your eye and hearing protection, if you have it.

  • BRING pen and paper for note taking.

  • BRING a lunch (or, go out). There is a 45-minute lunch break but lunch is not provided. Coffee is available.

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Class Only - $55


See you soon at class!


Class + .22 rental - $70


See you at class soon!

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Class Only - $90

See you at class soon!

Class + .22 rental - $110

See you at class soon!

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