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Our Pistol Range

No rifles. No shotguns. No rifle-caliber handguns.
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Pistol Range Fees, Hourly
• $15/hour for (1) lane
• $8/hour additional guest
(maximum 2 people per lane)
Our pistol range is open to all gun enthusiasts whether you are a current gun owner,  or renting one of ours.
Unless uou want your favorite word to be "what?" in 20 years, you should always wear ear (and eye) protection; and a loaner pair of ours is included FREE with your range fee!

Individual Range Membership

• Range membership gives you fast check-in.
• Range membership is for unlimited range access.
• Range membership includes members-only specials.
• Annual range membership includes (1) guest.
• Read our range waiver & rules

How do I get my membership card?

On your next visit, bring a copy of your confirmation to receive your card.

range membership


Great! See you soon!

range membership


Great! See you soon!

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  • Always be sure of your target, what is behind it and what is beyond it.
  • And, always point your gun in a safe direction.
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