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Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2020 at 9:18 AM

Subject: Good to go > Teachable TCCP course

Hi JR -


I believe your course is good to go, and you can start advertising it. 

  1. Your advertising should link to your website:

  2. Your website sends students here to enroll:

    • your course is a Teachable 'product'

  3. Teachable does give you a perfectly fine Home page even if the State doesn't want to list a Teachable URL for your course. They never said you couldn't use it and you are paying for this. This page is a 'cleaner' path to your course and it upsells your LawShield service, so plan to use this when you want to send people DIRECTLY to your course (bypass your website so they don't get distraccted from enrolling):

  • Click here for a sample of your final course certificate which includes your State registration #3-CCP-022

  • I have tested all your links but it never hurts to have another pair of eyes do it too.


A caution: I still contend that you don't have the right information from the State yet as you don't have the proof of training form from the TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF SAFETY AND HOMELAND SECURITY, and other things like requiring "name of instructor" which an online course doesn't need like a live training.



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